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Greg Owens
Date: Jan 27, 2009

***** Honest reputable professional and fair... Being a guy, you might think all guys are born with the knowledge of how to fix cars...wrong!
My Wife is the one that turned me on to Hi Tech Auto Repair. I had Edie at Hi-Tech auto, repair my Intake manifold gasket at a 1/3 of the co...
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Exhaust Systems & Repairs in Salt Lake


What would your car be without a good working exhaust system while driving around in Salt Lake City? If you have a good exhaust system it would perform quietly and quite efficiently just the way you want it to. However, if while driving you happen to hear an unnerving noise coming from your exhaust, then this is where we come in to assist you with a replacement.

At High-Tech Auto Repair shop, when it comes to your exhaust systems, we pride ourselves in providing you with a high quality performance exhaust system that would give you more bang for your buck. You can depend on us to provide you with an exhaust that would give your car the maximum power that it needs. Plus, by using catalyst back technology, our performance exhaust is able to give you close to 15 percent more horsepower than the average exhaust system. The catalyst back system (or cat-back for short) that we use would assist in lowering the pressure in your exhaust since are use wider exhaust pipes and not to mention low performance mufflers. These components also help to make your engine run more smoothly with fewer interruptions and a little bit more quietly.

In addition the performance exhaust that you would purchase and install at High-Tech Auto Repair would also save you money on your gas bill and it goes without saying that we can all use a break at the pump these days. You'll get the most of our exhausts since they have longevity and if you are lucky, the exhaust systems can even outlast the life of your car. Even if you sell your vehicle with the performance exhaust system that we install, you would realize that your resale value would go up even higher than if you were to have a standard system in your car.
The price of a quality exhaust system could probably run you into a few hundreds of dollars more than what you would pay for a standard system. You will find though that in the end it is well worth it especially if you care for a less noisy car and one that is environmentally safe with fewer chances of gases being released in the air. Come see us today and let us put some peace and tranquility back into your vehicle.

A proper exhaust system performs quietly - and efficiently. If you think that your vehicle is starting to get noisy, it may be time for a replacement.


We stock mufflers for most vehicles on the road today.

Exhaust & Tailpipes

We stock a wide range of pre-bent pipes that are designed for trouble-free installation.

Pipe Bending

We have the right stuff for those of you looking for special needs in exhaust systems.
We will customize an exhaust pipe that's just right for your vehicle.

Catalytic Converters

We will ensure that your vehicle's catalytic converter operates at its environmental best. We stock catalytic converters for most vehicles to make sure that your vehicle's tailpipe emissions are kept to a minimum.

Performance Exhaust Products

For those of you that are looking for performance exhaust products, we can design and install a specially designed system for those of you who're looking to add that extra something to your workhorse vehicle.

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