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Andrew and Gina Cengiz
Date: Apr 29, 2011

Eddie did a great job on our car. Very knowledgeable and honest. We will definitely be bringing our cars here from now on.
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Brake Repair & Inspection in Salt Lake City


wheel-assemblyThe one thing that you would never want to become a problem while you drive is your brakes system. Brakes are an integral part of a vehicle; a system which gives you the opportunity to come to a halt when it is necessary. Something this important to your vehicle should not go without getting a regular brake inspection at our Salt Lake City auto shop. Hi-Tech Auto Repair is a leading brake repair service shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you are lucky, your brakes system would give you an early warning signal as to when it is starting to fail. One common sign is when the car starts to pull from one side to the next. There are many reasons why your car will suddenly start pulling in another direction and this could be the result of brakes that are misadjusted, have contaminated linings or a faulty caliper.

You also know your brakes are in trouble when you see the red brake warning light appear as well since this usually means that your system is imbalanced. Grinding and squealing sounds usually mean that it is time to get new brakes as well as this sound is as a result of a rattle that occurs between the caliper and disc pads. A hard brake pedal is also another indication that you have to get your car checked out.
At Hi-Tech Auto Repair we take pride in providing you with state-of-the-art equipment to get your brakes system up and running at a fraction of the cost that you would pay with the other guy. Our brake inspection system can only be described as a systematic and comprehensive examination to your vehicle. We check your pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, anti-lock mechanism, rotor/drum wear and even your calipers.

After our expert team has inspected your vehicle's brakes, what happens next is that we would then determine if it should be repaired, need adjustment or replacement.

Our brake inspection services involve systematic comprehensive examination of your vehicle's anti-lock or regular brake system, including:

* pads/shoes
* hydraulic fluids
* anti-lock mechanism
* rotor/drum wear
* calipers

If we find that your brakes need repair, adjustment, or replacement, we will tell you exactly what is required. We will also provide a written estimate of the job to be performed, including the time and cost involved. The driving conditions of driving in Salt Lake City and the Intermountain area can be demanding on your brakes. We are experts in the Salt Lake Valley when it comes to your brakes.

At Hi-Tech Auto Repair, we're always there for you.

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